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Dell Studio 15 Laptops
Dell Studio 15 Laptops

Dell Studio laptops

The Dell Studio is a range of Dell laptops and desktops targeted at the mainstream consumer market. Dell Studio Laptops sit above Dell Inspiron Laptops and below the Dell XPS Laptop lines in price and specifications. They differ from the lower-end Dell Inspiron Laptop models by offering slot-loading optical drives, media keys, more cover design options, faster processor options, HDMI and eSATA ports, LED-backlit screens, and backlit keyboards.

Some Dell Studio laptops come with the options for a Intel mobile Core i7 processor, although Intel Pentium Dual-Core and Core 2 Duo options are still available as lower-end options.

Starting at the 15" Version the Dell Studio 1535, 1537, 1555 and 1557, 1558
and going to the 17" Dell Studio 1735 & 1737 1747 1749 Laptops