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What is Refurbished

When you purchase a "Refurbished" laptop this does not generally mean it is second-hand, old or repaired.

Where do we get our Laptops from?

The majority of Dell products are sold by mail order, of which some items are returned. The reason for returns can be varied - maybe the packaging gets damaged during transit, or the customer changes his mind. Any items returned to Dell are not resold as new.

Warranty - All Warranty is with GB Ltd unless otherwise stated, and Not Dell Computers.

Why do Dell sell on these Laptops?

The Dell Factory Outlet will generally only sell items that have been returned unopened, or products damaged during their own production process. It is not cost effective for them to test and inspect every returned item, so many of these get sold onto resellers such as GB Laptops.

What is the Refurbishment Process?

Every laptop undergoes a thorough inspection that covers both functional and cosmetic checks. Hardware is tested to make sure CPU, memory, graphics and hard drive are functioning and then subjected to a 48 hour test. Any cosmetic damage is recorded and corrected where possible. When our laptops are listed for sale, any issues are clearly stated such as cosmetic scratches and scuffs or damaged casings. Finally, the software is reset to a factory supplied state, and the item repackaged ready for sale.

Please Note:

The specification that we list may differ from the original Dell specification, because this machine is refurbished.

Our Rating System:

As New:
Part of a cancelled order. Generally these laptops have never been used but rarely may have minor handling blemishes.

Looks like new but may or may not have been used. May have some faint 'handling' marks but generally pristine condition.

Very Good/Good:
Used. May have some minor cosmetic blemishes

Good working Condition:
Used with some cosmetic blemishes - some may be noticeable but none affect performance

Why buy a refurbished laptop?

Buying a refurbished laptop will save you a lot of money when compared to new. Some of our laptops sell for over 60% less than an equivalent new Dell.

Many of our laptops are current models, so it is easy to compare like for like prices.

What is in the box

Most laptops will come in an original Dell box and all will include a new Dell power supply.

You can download manuals free of charge from the Dell website.